Copyright 2017 Theresa Harvard Johnson

As a prophetic scribe and artist, I struggled immensely with my identity as an artisan when I was a young believer. I always felt like no one understood or respected my passion for poetry, spoken word and just the arts in general – especially in the traditional church. I even had a pastor say directly to me: The arts is not real ministry. This is not a throw off, but a common view among some Christian communities. The language in many environments reduce our gifts and callings to outreach events, entertainment, traditional drama groups, holiday festivities and such. They cannot behold its beauty beyond simple, event based expression. And even we, as artists, limit ourselves to such. 

It would be years before I would meet a single person who could SEE me, and I mean really SEE IT from a Kingdom perspective. For many of you reading this, you get it. It is a blessing for the artist (in the Western world) to live in this dispensation of the Gospel. Why? Because it is our time – especially in apostolic and prophetic communities. God has begun awakening congregations to the truths that many of us have carried within us for years… and our path is easing up, and coming into clearer focus.

You see, when we tap into art and worship – we tap into a dimension of “worship, healing and breakthrough” that is foreign to many congregations in its depth and breadth. There is a special grace upon prophetic artistic expression for those who can behold it. Healing ministry is broader than what we have seen taught and what is recorded in books. There will come a day when scholars will write about the “worship and healing arts movement” in a similar way as we hear about past revivals and movements. This healing and restorative aspect of the arts is a huge secret that artisans, who have grabbed hold of God’s heart - know about at their core. I am not talking about calling someone up to dance for deliverance or to read a poem. People are familiar with that! I am speaking of communities specializing in atmospheres cultivated for miracles, signs and wonders. You see, we get this in “therapeutic environments,” but we have failed miserably to assimilate it from breakthrough/breaker perspectives – especially in our apostolic and prophetic congregations, schools and communities. 

I believe Holy Spirit will reveal himself in this way through the community we are building through The Scribal Conservatory Arts & Worship Center. It is my passion and destiny to see believers tap into the grace upon the apostolic-prophetic artisan.

There is also a need to chase after the unity that God has given us in Him. Disunity, entertainments and competition is a hindrance to this specific Kingdom perspective and calling. You can’t tap into it fully if there is a divisive selfish heart at work. And quite honestly, I have never seen a more divisive, competitive, narcissistic community than creatives - especially in the midst of this technological age! The healing that comes through revelational teachings that break these BEHAVIORS & ATTITUDES are needed! You can’t be an artist and have never been touched by these areas as a participant and victim. You see, we can still be called to the entertainment industry and be fully immersed in the heart of God. The Scribal Conservatory is CALLED, ANNOINTED & APPOINTED in this area. There is an ambassadorial grace upon which we teach and impart into God’s people in love – bringing conviction of sin, repentance and humility forth in power.

I believe The Scribal Conservatory Arts & Worship community is a critical catalyst for moving artisans who connect with us out of these obscure places into their proper alignment in the earth. I believe we can be a tremendous resource for pastors and leaders in need of apostolic intervention within their congregations and groups. We have the EXPERIENCE! We have the UNDERSTANDING! We have the APOSTOLIC GRACE! We have the PROPHETIC INSIGHT! We have the understanding of the scribe and the artisan for restoration and healing.

Listen, when Babylon is our only example, we will mimic Babylon. When corporate mindsets supersede Kingdom reality, we will have ministries that reflect that mind. We owe it to ourselves to know our true identity in Christ as artists. We owe it to ourselves to love our community in Christ and to help one another in pursuit of our Kingdom assignments.

The Scribal Conservatory Arts & Worship Center has a very simple premise: “Be immersed in the reality of the Father, the Son & Holy Spirit.” When we know what REALLY matters to God, we will be effective stewards of our relationships with one another; as well excellent stewards over our divine purpose and destiny."

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