FAQs - Connect With Us

Details on how to connect with TSC.

No. We are not a church.

While we respect the local church and those whom God has truly called to walk out this mandate, we are not called to duplicate this model for ministry.


The Scribal Conservatory Arts and Worship Center is an organized, structured, gathering place for believers with a functional leadership team and a heart centered on teaching, mentoring, and equipping worshippers and artists in a community designed specifically for them. We use a specific ministry format given to Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson to meet the needs of an often overlooked population of believers in communities.

TSC is:

  • A safe place for restoration and victory for believers, specifically those walking out of spiritual abuse, sexual brokenness and other heart issues. We value a community in which we address real life issues and struggles that are often overlooked in mainstream ministry.
  • A safe place to grow and mature in understanding Christ, the call and mandate of the believer, the authority of the believer, and the role of worship and the arts in the Kingdom from a distinctly apostolic-prophetic perspective. In doing so, those who are called into ministry in this area are better able to understand who they are and why God called them; and gain greater insight into navigating their specific destiny and purpose.
  • A safe place to explore, activate and demonstrate your worship arts ministry without judgment. We fully understand the journey of the worship artist, and are here to not only provide guidance but to empower you in your success and greatness.
  • A safe place to advance in God's word through in-depth community-based study, discussions and practical application. We provide excellent foundations on practical and advanced ministry topics that are geared toward breaking the bonds of religion and tradition, and unveiling the 21st century believer. (We archive our teachings for your continued listening and development.)
  • Committed to influencing individuals and families of all ages with a heart-cry for those 30 years of age and under.

We are a new initiative. While we have a definite ministry format, we are learning with Holy Spirit how to navigate this season. When you visit The Scribal Conservatory Arts & Worship Center:

  • You can expect to worship God in a Holy Spirit saturated environment;
  • You can expect to receive Holy Spirit directed teaching and training from Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson that is relevant to your spiritual growth and advancement as a believer and artist, and relevant to the direction of the 21st century church;
  • You can expect to heal and recover, grow and learn in safety;
  • You can expect to ask questions and receive answers about what you learn; and participate in community activations, and demonstration;
  • You can expect to have a voice;
  • You can expect to worship without being crushed under the weight of religion, hierarchy and the fear of leadership;

  • You can expect to see the gifts of the Spirit in operation;
  • You can expect to find a place of belonging in a community of like-minded believers who artists.

  • You can expect the community to utilize your gifts and talents.


By the way, you can bring your notebooks, pens, sketch pads, paint sets, easels, guitar, saxophone, etc. to enter into worship in our environment. While we flow in ordered ministry, we want you to be free to worship God when the opportunity presents itself.

Theresa Harvard Johnson is a poet and artist who loves Christ. For nearly 20 years, she has helped Christian writers transition from general knowledge about what it means to be a "Christian writer" to embracing their identity as prophetic scribes and scribal ministers. She has taught in the area of prophetic writing, scribal ministry and the prophetic nationally and internationally. She is also a revelational teacher of the word and has a passion for teaching the people of God about how to live an IMMERSED, authentic and accountable life. She is best known for her revelational understanding surrounding the ministry of the scribe; and her pioneering efforts in awakening the congregation to the significance of "The Scribal Anointing." To learn more about Theresa, visit her personal website at The Chamber of the Scribe.

By definition, a hierarchical system is defined this way: "A system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority." Within that system there can become tons of expectations concerning how a person is expected to behave and interact.

In some hierarchical environments, groups of "untouchables" can form which stifle the progress of the people of God. This term is used here to describe a level of elitism in which a person has become unapproachable due to his or her status or perceived rank; or a subservient and views themselves as less than in light of their superior counterparts. Our hearts are simply fixed on creating a Christ-centered environment that blocks these issues.

We have clear and defined leadership, structure and order. Here are some highlights of what our environment looks like.

  • We believe in elevating Christ above men.
  • We believe in apostolic order.
  • We believe in setting stable, master teachers in place.
  • We believe in accountability and godly oversight.
  • We believe in honoring the gifts and callings in the lives of others.
  • We believe in building covenant.
  • We believe in building friendships that honor one another.
  • We believe in helping others advance in the things of God.
  • We believe in reciprocal learning. In other words, we believe there is something we can learn from everyone and that everyone has something they can offer in the Lord.
  • We believe that the greatest teacher understands how important it is to remain teachable.
  • We believe in covenant relationships and strengthening our covenant community.
  • We believe in helping others succeed in whatever God has called them to do.