What can I expect when I visit The Scribal Conservatory Arts & Worship Center?

We are a new initiative. While we have a definite ministry format, we are learning with Holy Spirit how to navigate this season. When you visit The Scribal Conservatory Arts & Worship Center:

  • You can expect to worship God in a Holy Spirit saturated environment;
  • You can expect to receive Holy Spirit directed teaching and training from Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson that is relevant to your spiritual growth and advancement as a believer and artist, and relevant to the direction of the 21st century church;
  • You can expect to heal and recover, grow and learn in safety;
  • You can expect to ask questions and receive answers about what you learn; and participate in community activations, and demonstration;
  • You can expect to have a voice;
  • You can expect to worship without being crushed under the weight of religion, hierarchy and the fear of leadership;

  • You can expect to see the gifts of the Spirit in operation;
  • You can expect to find a place of belonging in a community of like-minded believers who artists.

  • You can expect the community to utilize your gifts and talents.


By the way, you can bring your notebooks, pens, sketch pads, paint sets, easels, guitar, saxophone, etc. to enter into worship in our environment. While we flow in ordered ministry, we want you to be free to worship God when the opportunity presents itself.